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Who can access the ePaper?

The FT ePaper is exclusively available to Financial Times newspaper subscribers, ePaper subscribers and Premium FT.com subscribers.

How do I log in?

Premium FT.com subscribers:

Please use your existing FT.com email and password.

Newspaper and ePaper subscribers:

Please register with FT.com.

To register, simply click the edition you would like to read and at the sign in page, click on 'Register and validate your access now'. Once completed, we will send you an email to confirm your email address.

Click on the ‘Continue reading’ link in the email and you will be returned to the FT ePaper sign in page. You will now be asked to enter your Customer Reference Number/FT Account Number. The validation of your subscription will only be required once.

For more information on the ePaper, please go to www.ft.com/help

Where can I find my Customer Reference Number?

If you are a newspaper or FT ePaper subscriber you can find your Customer Reference Number/FT Account Number on the welcome emails we sent when you first subscribed. You can also find it on any invoices we have sent to you. Depending on your location, your Customer Reference/FT Account Number may be up to 10 digits or a combination of up to 10 numbers and letters ending FT + a letter + a number. If you cannot find this number, please e-mail help@ft.com with your full name and address.

When is the FT ePaper available?

The FT ePaper is available daily from 5am UK time.

Can I access the FT ePaper on my mobile device?

FT ePaper is available on all devices.

1. Type in ftepaper.ft.com in your browser
2. For easy access, you can add to your home screen
3. For Android devices select ‘Add to Home Screen’ from the tools menu. For iOS devices tap ‘share’ and then tap ‘Add to home screen’

How do I download today’s edition for offline reading?

To read offline on any device, click on the Download icon in the toolbar and select Save for Offline. Once complete, you’ll see a pop-up asking if you want to go into offline mode.

To read offline, keep your browser open. Closing your browser will remove your download.

If the device you’re using has a smaller screen, you can find this option by selecting the menu icon.

How do I access archive content from my desktop and my mobile device?

Previous editions of the Financial Times newspaper can be viewed under the Archive section on the FT ePaper homepage.

Simply select a region and select ‘Browse Archive’ to select a specific date.

When accessing the archive how far back can I go to access editions?

Our archive is available from 2005 onwards.

How many editions can I download for access at a later time and date?

You can download up to two editions for offline reading.

To keep these downloads on your device, please keep your browser open.

Please note that this also subject to device storage limits.

More information:

For more information on the FT.com and the Newspaper, please go to www.ft.com/help


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Only weekly FT ePaper and Premium FT.com subscribers have access.


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